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Sunshine PCB GmbH
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About us

Sunshine PCB - Your European direct distributor with production in Europe and Asia

Sunshine PCB is one of the leading PCB manufacturers worldwide. The company portfolio includes single-sided, double-sided and multilayer PCBs (up to 48 layers) as well as HDI, high-frequency, rigid-flex, IMS and heavy copper…

Products and technology

Sustainability and environment

Challenge accepted

Our vision: to be a leader in the sustainable production of high-tech printed circuit boards. This is the challenge we face. Through energy savings and emission reductions as well as optimized production sites with continuously evolving processes…

sustainable materials

optimized production facilities

material recycling

environmentally friendly processes

Prototype production and small series

Prototypes - functional guarantor for series production

With a prototype, you can quickly identify design flaws, determine product adjustments, and define cost-saving adaptations. Several iterations and tests are usually necessary before series production. Fast and reliable prototype iterations are extremely cost-effective as they can help eliminate functional and design errors at a very early stage. This ensures the functionality of your later series product…

Production sites

In addition to our German production site, we can also resort to our plants in China and Malaysia to manufacture your printed circuit boards. All options are open to you: You get your prototype manufactured in Remscheid and the series at one of the Chinese locations. If you wish to produce both on the same line, we can also offer you an express service (Quick Turn Around Service/QTA) for our Chinese plants with a processing time of 10 working days for most technologies.