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Knowledge and research in your best interest

In-house research into printed circuit boards

We understand the importance of continually investing in technology and equipment. Our production facilities have advanced equipment such as direct exposure, vertical continuous coating, inline AOI, vacuum assisted epoxy filling, spray coating equipment and automated handling systems.

In addition, our R&D staff conducts continuous research in modern and well-equipped laboratories to develop new processes, materials, and technologies for or with customers. Our research development uses a strategic, proactive approach. After all, innovation is the key for us to meet your customer requirements. These projects currently include, for example, projects in the area of extremely thin or extremely layered multilayers (layer count over 40), advanced imaging and etching methods for ultra-fine lines, and solutions for thermal management. In addition, new printed circuit board materials are also being developed and tested.

Development projects for 2023-2024 include:

  • High ply count 48+ with an aspect ratio of 46:1.
  • Combination of new materials, including ultra-low loss materials and low-profile copper foils
  • Substrate-like PCBs (SLP)
  • Modified semi-additive process (MSAP)
  • ELIC (Every Layer Inner Connect) and Deep Microvias
  • Controlled impedance tolerance of +/- 5%
  • Thermal management solutions: coins, heat sinks
  • Embedded passives and components
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies