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The future of the green PCB

Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing the PCB industry worldwide. With increasing awareness of environmental protection and stricter government measures, we need to act. How can we use technology to reduce the environmental impact of PCB manufacturing? Sunshine has been advocating sustainable manufacturing for years.

Back in 2007, the Shenzhen manufacturing facility received certification for its environmental management system (ISO 14001). Over the following years, a variety of measures were added to make processes and production more sustainable:

  • comprehensive material recycling, such as recycling copper from etching solutions
  • early introduction of energy-saving technologies
  • emission reductions
  • 2019: Establishment of the Green Manufacturing Technology Center (GMTC) in Shenzhen to develop and implement new environmentally friendly processes and materials.

Meanwhile, 20 employees conduct research on the development of green technologies in 350 m2 of laboratory space. GMTC projects include 3D printing, additive processes, high-precision screening, and novel pastes for conductive and dielectric applications.

  • 2020: Installation of a geothermal plant at the Jiujiang site.

Sunshine Global Circuits or Sunshine PCB GmbH is committed to environmental and health safety. In this context, we strictly observe the control and restriction of chemicals and substances prescribed by laws and authorities.