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When things have to go fast

Prototypes - functional guarantor for series production

With a prototype, you can quickly identify design flaws, determine product adjustments, and define cost-saving adaptations. A number of iterations and tests are usually necessary before series production. Verification and testing are one aspect that leads to a shorter time to market while reducing manufacturing costs. Fast and reliable prototype iterations are extremely cost-effective, as they can help eliminate functional and design errors at a very early stage. This ensures the functionality of your subsequent production product.

Sunshine PCB usually manufactures prototypes and later series production at the same production site: this ensures that prototypes and series products are manufactured using the same materials, equipment, and processes. From the very first PCB, we apply the same uncompromising standards for durability and further processing as we do for series production. From the extensive testing of your manufacturing data to the final inspection, we work precisely and responsibly in the production of prototypes. You can count on the same, optimal manufacturing results and receive your PCB samples in series quality.

In addition, to support our customers' design and prototyping requirements, our manufacturing facilities in China offer an express service (Quick Turn Around Service/QTA) with a turnaround time of 10 business days for most technologies.

Express Service

  • 7-10 days Quick Turn Around Service
  • for 2 to 16 layers (with one press cycle)
  • FR4 materials must be in stock
  • Maximum of 12 production uses, ≤ 3 m² (610 x 450 mm)
  • Non-conductive via fill increases production time by 1 to 2 days
  • for HDI PCBs 1+N+1 plus 2 days, for HDI PCBs 2+N+2 plus 5 days.
  • Special options such as electroplated hard gold, mixed surfaces, Imm.Ag and backdrill increase production time by one day

We work with a wide range of materials and requirements, so the exact delivery times must be analyzed individually according to your requirements, depending on the technology and order quantity.

We are also happy to fulfill special technical options. Contact us and we will clarify the details.