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Standard PCBs, also known as rigid PCBs are available in various versions that differ in the number of layers, core thicknesses and conductor track structures. In addition, the subsequent assembly option is considered; depending on the type, these are referred to as single-sided or double-sided PCBs. Standard PCBs are often used for simple circuits without major requirements for currents and thermal management.

Sunshine PCB can produce PCBs or multilayers of up to 48 layers in various thicknesses, core thicknesses and track structures according to your requirements. The realized copper thicknesses correspond to up to 210 μm for the inner and outer layers.

Rigid boards are usually made of FR4, an epoxy resin reinforced with glass fabric. Sunshine PCB offers you these in various specializations. Furthermore, various other high-quality materials are also available as base materials.


  • FR4.0 Standard material (brominated)
  • FR4.1 Standard material (halogen-free)
  • Base material thicknesses from 0.4 - 3.2 mm
  • FR4 with high Tg value
  • FR4 with low Dk/Df value

Of course, we supply all common prints such as service print, peel-off varnish, carbon, heatsink paste, etc.

In mechanics, we realize scribing or spray scribing, controlled depth milling and both depth drilling and counterbore drilling. With our camera-controlled CNC milling machines, we produce layout-related close-tolerance milling contours.

Technology spectrum

  • Single and double-sided printed circuit boards
  • Multilayer up to 48 layers, impedance manufactured and tested
  • Thick copper technology up to 210 µm
  • Coefficients of expansion matched to copper