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Thermal conductivity desired?

IMS circuit boards - aluminum or copper core provides best possible heat dissipation

Printed circuit boards must meet the high demands of the required thermal management. The increasing component density and use of high-performance components demands improved heat dissipation already at the level of the carrier material and the PCB. In addition to the increasing demands on performance, it is particularly important to guarantee function and service life in the long term. IMS circuit boards (Insulated Metal Substrate) are used for this purpose. Here, the circuit board relates to a heatsink consisting of - mostly - aluminum or copper and a dialectical layer (prepreg) in between.

Compared to pure FR4 laminates, IMS PCBs have better thermal conductivity due to the heatsink, which results in more uniform temperature dissipation and thus the effect of passive cooling of the components.

The use of IMS technology is particularly efficient for high-power LED technology and electronics with high heat generation or high-power dissipation.


  • High thermal conductivity with good electrical insulation at the same time
  • Effective heat dissipation
  • More even temperature spread
  • Heat dissipation from components
  • Reduction of heat build-up on components
  • Passive cooling of components

Technology spectrum

  • Single and double-sided construction
  • Heatsink made of aluminum or copper

Application examples:

  • Temperature-critical high-performance electronics
  • High Power LED technology: illuminated signs, displays and lighting
  • High power LED panels
  • Automotive industry: LED headlights, engine control and power steering
  • Power electronics: DC power supply, inverter, and motor control
  • Switches and solid-state relays