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Impedance? We control this

HF PCBs - Signaling in the high-frequency range

High frequency PCBs (HF PCB) are used wherever fast signal flows and high transmission frequencies are required. Basically, these are circuits for transmitting high-frequency signals from about four GHz and up to 77 GHz with adapted design, base materials, VLP copper foils and a layer structure that meets these requirements - the printed circuit board becomes the active component.

However, increasing frequencies bring with them a number of challenges and limiting boundary conditions, such as inductive and capacitive effects, reflections and delay adjustments of the signals. This requires a high level of know-how, experience and process reliability in both PCB design and production. In order to avoid signal reflections at high frequencies, a defined characteristic impedance is often required. For this purpose, it is important to set and maintain the dialectic distance correctly.
The RF PCBs manufactured at Sunshine PCB transmit billions of pulses per second and exhibit effective impedance control through a controlled multilayer structure and precise conductor pattern.


  • Coefficients of expansion matched to copper
  • stable dielectric constant
  • very good dielectric properties
  • low dissipation factor
  • high signal integrity
  • good thermal stability

Application examples:

  • Portable medical devices
  • Portable devices in industry
  • Base stations
  • Radar systems
  • Positioning devices
  • Telecommunications