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Our Vision: To be a leader in the sustainable production of high technology PCB’s

Based on customer orientation and cooperation in a spirit of partnership

Sunshine PCB - Your European direct distributor with production in Europe and Asia

Sunshine PCB is one of the leading PCB manufacturers worldwide. The company's portfolio includes single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer PCBs (up to 48 layers) as well as HDI, high-frequency, flex-rigid, IMS and thick copper PCBs.

As a German production company and European direct distributor, Sunshine PCB GmbH has been part of the listed company Sunshine Global Circuits Ltd. in China since 2013, with just over 3,000 employees worldwide.

Sunshine Global Circuits Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2001, converted to a joint stock company in 2016 and has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since February 2018. The company is represented by a sales company in Europe and the USA respectively. In addition to production in Shenzhen, SGC manufactures at sites in Jiujiang /China and Remscheid/Germany.

Sunshine is guided by the motto: "High technology in great variety and also in small runs". We consistently pursue the goal of offering our customers printed circuit boards and services of the highest technology and reliability, as well as promoting the sustainable development of printed circuit board production, while keeping the consumption of resources as minimal as possible. We are convinced that the only way to remain competitive in PCB production is through continuous research and development and product development.

Therefore, we will continue to do our best to further strengthen these basic principles in the future.

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Foundation of Sunshine Global Circuits Co., Ltd. and start of production in Shenzhen, China


Opening of a sales office in the USA


Opening of a sales location in Chemnitz, Germany


Acquisition of the production site in Remscheid (PCB production since 1969) and change of name to Sunshine PCB GmbH


Start of production in Jiujiang


IPO, listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange with the number 300739


Established the Green Manufacturing Technology Center (GMTC) in Shenzhen to develop and implement new environmentally friendly processes and materials


Sunshine's total production capacity exceeds 80,000 square meters per month, with 2100 employees worldwide.


Sunshine Jiujiang plant becomes ISO-45001 certified for occupational health and safety management and recognized as a "Green Factory".


Production starts at a second manufacturing plant in Jiujiang.


Introduce automated PCB line with smart manufacturing at Jiujiang II manufacturing plant (see video).


Start construction of a new factory in Zhuhai.


Acquisition of PCB manufacturer Vision Industries Sdn. Bhd., in Penang, Malaysia